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Hello and thank you for your interest! My number one objective is to help my clients achieve their goals using the most efficient tools and methods available. I have worked with many different people from young, athletic men and women, to beginners, to people simply looking to stay or become healthy, mobile and strong, and shed a few pounds. I love working with people and helping them better themselves!

I have been involved in the fitness industry for as long as I can remember. As a hyperactive only child, my mother decided to sign me up for swimming, track and gymnastics. I loved the competition aspect and being part of a team. Through sports participation I was physically active, improving my health and fitness without ever knowing it! I continued sports in high school and throughout college. After graduating from college, my competitive sports streak came to an end and I asked myself, “What Now?” I decided to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Health and fitness has played a huge role throughout my life and shaped me into the person I am today. In 2010 I found my new passion... the world of bodybuilding. It is, in the simplest words, a way to shape your body through diet & exercise. From this sport I have learned more about Message me for any information and a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION to see if we are a good match!


• Athletic Performance
• Bodyweight Training
• Bodybuilding
• Functional Training

• Circuit Training
• Senior Fitness
• Strength and Conditioning
• Core
• High Intensity
• Confidence Building

• Personal Training
• Powerlifting
• Resistance Training
• Rehabilitation Training
• Calisthenics
• Bodybuilding

I can help you accomplish

• Weight Loss
• Weight Gain

• Firming And Toning
• Increase Muscle Strength

• Body Building
• Nutrition

What to expect

Clear communication, attention to detail and on-the-go correction, and a workout that will bring you closer to your goal. I like to start with a small warmup/prep, then the prescribed set of movements.

"I enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge with people who want to achieve a goal and enrich their lives and the ones they inspire."

IFBB Figure Pro and Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Training

"Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle. It’s a choice, a habit. For me it’s my number 1 priority, because everything else in life will fall into place."

~ Reneé Porter, Certified Personal Trainer and IFBB Figure Pro


Personal Training

I will work with you to design a workout especially for you that approaches fitness in the following ways:

• Cardiovascular Conditioning
• Strength Conditioning
• Core Stability
• Balance/Flexibility

I will help you be accountable to achieve your fitness goals, and create a strong, balanced body.

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Get fit in the comfort of your own home! I offer in-home customized one-on-one or group workouts in the privacy of your living room, backyard, or anywhere you choose. Imagine no commute, no gym bag, and no crowded locker rooms.

I can help improve your fitness and life, no matter your age or ability.

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Online Coaching is the perfect choice for people who need more flexibility in their workout schedule, already have some experience in the gym, and are motivated to train on their own.

I can help with all the same goals we do in person, we would just communicate via email, Skype and phone.

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Erin A. ~ Reneé knows training

“All you have to do is look at Reneé and you can see that she knows fitness! But behind her own incredible physique, there is a woman with an immense amount of knowledge about fitness, health, nutrition, and a lot of other interesting things. She knows weight loss, weight training, swimming, cross training, cardio and just about anything else fitness related. Reneé Porter is a rock star and will whip you into shape in no time and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. At least I did!”

Weiwei S. ~ Training is fun with Reneé

“Reneé is such a excellent trainer! The best thing about her is that she makes very detailed and customized training plans for each customer. I trained with her through my pregnancy and postpartum. She did such an excellent job that I only gained 25 lbs before I delivered my baby. I returned to my normal weight three months after delivery by following her training plan. She is a professional swimmer and trained my husband! Reneé is nice, warm-hearted & easy going.”

Julie C. ~ Transform with Reneé

“I’ve trained for years but no one can surpass Reneés quality. She has helped transform my body to the best shape it’s ever been. Professional, intelligent, and immaculate workouts. The best trainer in Los Angeles.”

Kevin B. ~ Contact Reneé today

“Reneé truly cares about her clients. I have been so happy with her ability to keep me motivated and how skilled she is in pushing me hard enough to achieve the results I want with every session. Thank you!”

Alan S. ~ Reneé Porter is a great trainer

“I’ve had other trainers in the past, but none as conscientious as Reneé. She gives you her complete attention for the entire session. Reneé knows how much to push you and when to push you. However, she will always respect your wishes. She is truly one of a kind trainer. I highly recommend her!”

Jameel S. ~ Reneé Porter is the best trainer

“Reneé not only made me physically fit but also gave me the self confidence necessary to love my body! She genuinely cares about your happiness, confidence, and your goals. You never feel like quitting because you know that you’re in the most qualified, capable, and thoughtful hands possible.”


Reach out to Reneé Porter for more information. If you are new to exercise or if you want to achieve rapid, targeted body improvements, Reneé offers powerful and empowering 1-on-1 training for both men and women who are serious about RESULTS.

Training Locations

Reneé Porter personal training available in two locations:


11567 Santa Monica Blvd. ~ Los Angeles, CA 90025 Directions


9346 Civic Center Drive #145 ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Directions

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